EAP Latina

We have always been committed
to the
extreme protection of confidentiality. We are the first Information Security certified provider in South America

We are convinced of the value of information as an asset and the importance of protecting its confidentiality, integrity and availability. We have incorporated information security into the culture of our organization, raising awareness among our teams to guarantee confidentiality, the use of best practices and technologies considering stakeholders’ needs and expectations and the security requirements of the information.

At EAP Latina we have implemented an Information Security Manage System (ISMS) that ensures the following:

Commitment to data treatment and protection, confidential handling of information, compliance with legal requirements, stakeholders’ contractual obligations, and security requirements, in order to ensure business continuity.

mutually beneficial relationships with critical suppliers to guarantee compliance with security requirements for shared information.>

Continuous ISMS improvement by implementing information and communication technologies as well as risk management, to ensure compliance with stakeholders’ information security requirements..

Information protection training to develop competence and communication skills and raise awareness, aimed at people in the organization, as well as contractors.

We know that for organizations it is essential that EAP Latina should take care of the data of employees and their families. We have always been committed to extreme confidentiality protection and, since 2021, we have made progress towards greater efficiency and effectiveness in our information security policies, processes and procedures

We took a very important step to have our ISMS certified, which has allowed us to develop and strengthen our organization, seeking to preserve the integrity, availability and confidentiality of our clients' data.

En EAP Latina has been granted IRAM Information Security
Management System certification under ISO/IEC 27001:2015, registration no. RI-27000-35.

In addition to being one of our core values, confidentiality has become part of our organization’s DNA. Having a certified ISMS has added differential value to EAP Latina. This starts our path towards greater security and trust for our customers and users, who continue to choose us every day

Eduardo Lambardi

eapLatina Management

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