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Bienestar Corporativo Una inversión estratégica

Menos estrés, más concentración y creatividad, mayor motivación y fidelización del colaborador, son solo algunas de las recompensas que se obtienen al fomentar el bienestar en el entorno laboral...


How an Employee Assistance Program helps fight depression

Depression Awareness Day was established on January 13 to raise awareness, orient and guide the world population, depression being a disorder whose numbers are increasing disproportionately throughout the world...


How to create relationships that produce wellness

When we are kids, it is within our family that we learn to communicate with and relate to the rest of the world. Then, throughout our lives, we interact with various people who can shape our personality


Creating positive organizations by means of language, an everyday task

Have you ever asked yourself how much time you spend talking at work every day? How many meetings do you have in a day? How many informal chats do you have? How many emails do you reply to? Your answer is probably somewhere between 70 and 90% on average. And this is not unusual since things happen in our organizations through language.


What leaders can do in the event of a critical incident

Usually leaders are the first to be consulted when employees are directly or indirectly involved in a potentially traumatic event such as accidents in the workplace, death, natural disasters or theft...