Building Wellness-Driven Relationships [Guide] | EAP Latina

How to create relationships that produce wellness

When we are kids, it is within our family that we learn to communicate with and relate to the rest of the world. Then, throughout our lives, we interact with various people who can shape our personality and character through the exchange of experiences, feelings, and needs.

As we grow up, we establish various relationships where each interaction has a positive or negative impact on our lives, depending on the type of bond we create.

We usually relate to people with whom we share ideas and interests. However sometimes we relate to people who can cause discomfort and frustration to us.

Tips to create relationships that produce wellness:

◾ The relationship should not depend solely on one person.
◾ Do not to become dependent.
◾ Expectations regarding the relationship should be real and not “ideal”.
◾ The interaction should not be based on lies.
◾ Respect each other's spaces and history.
◾ Communication should not necessarily be aggressive.
◾ Understand that 'chemistry' is not all.


If you want healthy work relationships in your organization, contact the Program so that we can provide advice.

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