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Creating positive organizations by means of language, an everyday task

Have you ever asked yourself how much time you spend talking at work every day? How many meetings do you have in a day? How many informal chats do you have? How many emails do you reply to? Your answer is probably somewhere between 70 and 90% on average. And this is not unusual since things happen in our organizations through language.

In this sense, several experts have defined companies as networks of conversations, which we constantly build and rebuild on a daily basis. However, we spend a great deal of our time talking to others and rarely ask ourselves about the effect that words have on us and on others.

The consistent use of appreciative language in the workplace can play an important role in building collaborative, motivated and productive environments and teams.

Theorists and consultants working in the field of Appreciative Inquiry suggest that communicating about what works well is the most effective way to learn, change and achieve the results we want. In fact, Appreciative Inquiry is about using questions and words that highlight qualities, successes, values.

By using the appreciative approach, we create an environment full of competent people, who pursue continuous improvement. It is a constructive language that allows people to build better relationships and use all their skills and talents to get results.

Small gestures such as a greeting in the morning, an acknowledgement for work done, a question about what people like most about their job can make a big difference

If we change our words, we change our organizations. How many times did you congratulate your co-workers for something they did well during the last month? And how many times did you call their attention to something they didn't do or did wrong?

What if instead of focusing on what is wrong and doesn't work, we focused on what does work? A small change in the way we say things can have an unexpectedly positive impact on our organizations.

If you would like to use positive language techniques in your organization, contact the program and we will provide you with the tools to achieve it.

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